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Hello Hello My Beautiful Doll's and Handsome Men!!!

Welcome to MnE Boutique where I carry small-3x because Beauty Comes In All Sizes!!!

Why Choose Us?

Why Shop with me??? Well let me tell you WHY!!! I've ALWAYS HATED SHOPPING... WHAT?! I know Crazy right!!! I was one of those, She looks cute in that but I can't pull that off... Then I realized, if i got the right material and the right cut, I COULD PULL ANYTHING OFF!!! So it makes my day getting to Doll You Up in outfits that you LOVE but think you can't pull off. I love getting to show you, that you can ROCK THAT CUTE OUTFIT!!! I love getting to wake up and get dressed by that I don't mean putting on an over the top outfit! I mean a Simple Quick to Grab, throw on, and go, kinda outfit!!! Let MnE Boutique add some Shine to your Closet!!! 

Alma is so sweet! She strives to satisfy her customers you will never leave her boutique with regrets, every purchase is so worth it. Clothing is very stylish and affordable!!! The quality of her clothing is amazing!!! She is flexible to meet and goes out of her way for all her customers. 100 been a loyal customer since her shop was in zillah, I'm never leaving! if you haven't visited her shop or bought any of her clothing items your missing out!!!

Ashley Pena

About Us

Alma Ayala

store owner

Hello Hello and Welcome to MnE Boutique!!!My name is Alma and I'm the Owner of this Amazing Small Business!!! I started MnE in my living room with My Two Beautiful Daughter's Mia & Emi(which is why it's called MnE) My Goal has always been to help you Gain some Confidence back into your life and show you, YES YOU CAN ROCK THAT CUTE OUTFIT!!! 


Hey there!!!

MnE Boutique is right off of 6th st!!! You may choose to pick up your order or have it shipped! Thank You for Supporting My Small Business!!! Every Purchase Makes a HUGE Impact!!!


705 6th st Prosser Wa 99350